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As an annual Feast site, Sunriver Thousand Trails has become a unique eight day Tabernacles Congregation which continues to flourish with God's blessings' each year as God's people have been drawn to return, year after year. Many factors contribute to Sunriver - Thousand Trails overall success. Brethren keep returning. Some every other year or every few years while some attend

every year. The Sunriver Feast site location at Thousand Trails was established out of necessity.
See our History.



Sunriver Thousand Trails has been meeting the Festival needs of Brethren from far and wide for over 30 years. Some who attend Sunriver - Thousand Trails Feast site location are visionaries, who simply taking a break from their usual corporate Church Festival to still keep and observe the Feast while enjoying meeting new Brethren from other areas, making new friends and building bridges as
will be done once Christ commences His thousand year reign - which is
commemorated by the annual  Feast of Tabernacles each year.




So Sunriver Thousand Trails Festival Feast site has been a bridge for unifying Brethren.
Resulting in a network of Brethren from various areas who will tell you "in times past how they have longed for God's people
to be unified as one body or one big church again."
Sunriver Feast attendees quickly see that, though they are from different areas or church groups, they are actually already 'that' one body of believers - except without different names, and sometimes restrictive divisions established relating to doctrine or practices which some corporate churches can place between believers as reasons not to associate. Without things which can divide Brethren can see
that they are truly all part of the greater, whole entire, one Body of Christ.




Simply put, the 'Sunriver - Bend Thousand Trails Festival of Tabernacles' site has
some unique elements that 
many corporate church Festivals do not. Firstly, this Feast site remains
independent and unaligned with any corporate church sponsorship as it was from the beginning.
It has remained a unique 'Feast of Tabernacles Congregation'. And it has successfully proven that it is
possible for God to place His name on a Feast Site which is organized and directed by a
Festival committee comprised of qualified Brethren from various backgrounds and cooperate churches. Together, they share a vision and pull everything together each year.



By getting with God's program - and stepping into 'the world tomorrow

today' the Feast committee works together and always schedules edifying
spiritual messages for services with special music and also a variety of activities, 

food and fun. This preparation sets a good ground for 
Festival worship and fellowship.



Sunriver has served as a BRIDGE BUILDER between Brethren's shared hope, faith and fellowship in the foundational knowledge of Christ's coming one world government on earth. A bigger picture has emerged over the years for regular Sunriver attendees. One is that as Christ has many flocks. HE is bringing His people together. This is a multifaceted effort. Indeed as Christ said, "I have flocks you know not of". John 10:16 And bearing this in mind, the knowledge that after Christ Jesus commences His thousand year reign, all Brethren and peoples will ultimately be together for the first time from around the globe under Christ's leadership rather than various 'interpretations of men'. 


And so, for eight days the Sunriver-Thousand Trails Feast attendees experience a sense of oneness akin to how IT WILL BE when Christ's leadership will bring order to this earth during His millennial reign for the first time. Needless to say, Sunriver offers a rare opportunity for Brethren to spend a whole Feast in a fresh unpretentious environment where Brethren will meet with other Brethren from various congregations and ultimately experience many things in common especially the love of Jesus Christ and God our Father and His Word. 


Having a fellowship meal together as a Family every day of the Feast  - as the Family of God - has become a waymark for strengthening Christian fellowship. And is one of Sunriver's secret recipes for success.  There is just something about food that draws people together naturally and sets a table for spiritual fellowship.. 

Renowned for their excellent cuisine; Sunriver - Thousand Trails Festival Fund provides the Fellowship Luncheon after services at no cost to Feast attendees.


There is always a great variety with something for everyone such as; traditional family favorites including gluten free, organic, vegetarian and even some Paleo - no one leaves hungry, spiritually or physically ! 








Fellowship with A


For many who keep the Feast at Sunriver, an even deeper realization occurs, and that is; the Feast of Tabernacles depicts a future time when all peoples on the earth will dwell in oneness, peace and safety under Christ's authority and rule, but also that God's people will no longer be divided by disagreements or misconceptions - so why shouldn't this oneness be emulated now, today, in our Feasts' of Tabernacles? Especially seeing how so many are divided today over this, that and the other. After all The Feast of Tabernacles is all about 'getting with the program - God's program for the Millennial one thousand year portion of history!'


How do God's people observe and celebrate God's Feast in such a way as to temporally create a truer sense of millennial oneness, harmony and peace? This is achieved within any congregation observing God's Feast of Tabernacles to varying degrees. Today many of God's people are divided by miles, cultures, names, doctrinal differences and traditions. The Bible, God's Word, says His people are now only able to see God's will as "through a glass darkly". This is true today but will not always be so. However, for God's people, couldn't it be and shouldn't it be a little more clear during the Feast of Tabernacles which after all pictures and celebrates that

future time when millennial harmony and oneness will begin to be established?

Is it possible that God may have expected especially New Testament Brethren to take the eight day Tabernacles opportunity to practice not just a spiritual recognition of the Millennial period but also use it as a physical exercise as much as is possible. As in, 'getting with the program' so to speak. 'Christ's program' during the Feast now, pre-millennially?' Meaning, Christ's program plans of bringing all  people together as it pleases HIM. 

Ultimately the Body of Christ from congregations around the globe will one day, after Christ's return, appear before Christ in a new environment where Jesus Christ will be in charge and arrange His people both spiritual and physical, however it pleases HIM. Once Christ returns, many congregations who had gone by this name or that name from ages past will no longer be known by those names which they had called themselves before. Any walls or fences that well meaning men have built between or around themselves which only negatively divided God's people will be removed at that future time. The misunderstandings over God's word will finally begin to be cleared up! God's people will be one. God's people will assume new positions, have new homes which Jesus is preparing even now. 


After attending a Sunriver Feast, Brethren often say of Brethren whom they meet from various corporate congregations,  ". . . are just like us, we really have much more in common than we have that's different." Such observations are a matter of opinion yes, however we hear this observation from attending Brethren frequently.


When Brethren enthusiastically submit to one another in brotherly love for eight days it can only come from the acknowledgement that it is the Father and Jesus and God's spirit that enables a rich shared anticipation in what Christ will do with all of His children once He has returned to earth. Such love as this takes precedence over any differences there may be in the faith congregationaly while in this temporary physical existence.


And so, such love as this allows Brethren to become one in 'A MILLENNIAL SENSE' having a Millennial
frame of mind for eight days on a new, yet common ground. Laying aside the differences and doctrinal views that so often separate. And work with those things we share in common and allow room for things like reaching across the isle, which is different from what so many have been used to. Many discover that this makes sense in the big picture and inevitably, most find the experience of attending the Sunriver'-Thousand Trail's independent Feast site as  enlightening,uplifting and ultimately very rewarding. Like stepping into the Millennial dimension for eight days. 
All things are possible with God! Many Brethren return to keep the Feast at Sunriver-Thousand Trails numerous times. 

Brethren who attend Sunriver-Thousand Trails Feast site can truly experience freedom and peace and are able to say, "Let that peace begin with me today and let me be a bridge builder among my Brethren." 


Spiritually, we all are familiar with the facts that Christ's Church (also referred to as His Body ) truly has many working parts - all uniquely important and each being a valuable contributor. Christ himself said He has many flocks. Jesus Christ's Church is being fitly framed together, built up, unto the fullness and oneness and stature of the body of Christ who is the governing Head of His Church Body NOW and during His millennial reign.   

At Sunriver - Thousand Trails Feast site, a harmonious balance has been found, spiritually and physically. The balance and benefit of being an independent stand alone Feast site congregation in a fresh, rustic location provides a casual relaxed atmosphere including all the traditional Festival activities coupled with a great facility is a good start. All this, is possible with yielded people who appear before their God, sharing God's spiritual energy and desire for HIM, with a shared anticipation, all creates a fresh UNIQUE MILLENNIAL SENSE of well being year after year. Which is believed to account for such a long run of successful Festivals at Sunriver-Thousand Trails, Oregon Feast Site.

To learn more about Sunriver's history and how the
Sunriver - Thousand Trails Feast site began, See OUR HISTORY

Biblical Annual Feast of Tabernacles - Thousand Trails - Sunriver-Bend, Oregon 

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