That they shall live and reign with Christ a thousand years. Rev 20:4




We'd love to hear from you.

We'd be glad to answer any questions or take


Along with the Board of Directors, Feast committee, and your help, we prepare throughout the year to facilitate the best Festival experience possible! 

The daily Fellowship Meals are provided by the Festival Fund at no charge to Festival attendees. There is NO  'Feast Registration' required to enjoy the Feast here at Sunriver but do let us know you are planning to attend as it does help us prepare. We'd like to hear from you!


For those who plan to volunteer by serving in any way during the Feast let us know as soon as possible. Many hands make light work. Call or use our Volunteer or Contact forms to let us know which day you prefer to serve.

Contact us anytime of the year,

Shane Pye President and Festival Coordinator

Committee Servants:

Shane Pye: 587-998-0340  Email:

Bob Gentry: 509-624-8378  Email:

Leta Ray Goethals: 253-887-9095 Email:

JoAnne McGowen: 360-887-4224 Email:

any time of the year,
with questions, comments or to volunteer! 

EARLY is the best time to consider volunteering during the Feast. Many hands make light work!
 Contact us any time of the year!


Let us know as soon as possible if
you would like to share in,



Do A Sermon Message,
Do A Bible Reading,

Do Special Music,

Or conduct a Small Adult Group Study,

Conduct a Kid's Class,

Participate in the Talent Show,

Serve during Family Game and Dance Night,
Volunteer for Community Day Service, 

Share in Kitchen Duty,

Share in Parking and Grounds Duty,

Share in Clean-Up Duty,

Work with the Audio-Visual crew,

 Take Photos and Videos,

Before Feast set up,

After Feast take Down & Clean Up 

And any other service you would like share in or provide!

Just fill out the form on this page with a few
specific details concerning how you would like to volunteer. 

The Feast Coordinator will contact you to confirm.

OR volunteer any time during the Feast, just call
Shane Pye,
any of the Festival Committee members or
look them up after services! 
It's never to late to jump in and volunteer!

God's Annual Feast of Tabernacles - Thousand Trails - Sunriver-Bend, Oregon 

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