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As each fall Festival season approaches,
anticipation and enthusiasm run high for those planning to attend God's
annual Feast of Tabernacles. It is an eight day celebration of prophetic anticipation
concerning a future time explained Biblically as God's Feast of Tabernacles detailed in the book
of Leviticus 23:39. This same Festival was attended by Christ himself while on earth in John 7:2,14. Today, the annual Feast of Tabernacle's celebration occurs around the globe, where attendees anticipate the yet to come, return of Christ and His 1,000 year reign on earth. Christ's return will usher in the 1,000 year period of peace on earth when ALL those living along with Christ's church known by Him throughout history shall be brought together before Christ onto a new common ground, established, ordered and directed by Christ Himself, as detailed in Revelation 20:4. Each year as the Feast of Tabernacle's draws near; families decide where they will attend the Festival, sermon messages are inspired and anxiously prepared, kids classes are organized, menus are decided upon and activities are planned while Brethren highly anticipate the spiritual food and fellowship they have been waiting for all year.







Sun River Thousand Trails, Oregon

Deschutes National Forest 
Sunriver Thousand Trails Resort Mtg. Club House 
17480 S. Century Dr. Bend, Or. 97707  

October 3 - 10, 2020  Daily Services at 10:00 a.m.

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The Thousand Trails Facility in Sunriver - Bend, Or is one of the most unique and unforgettable Feast of Tabernacles sites in the U.S.A ,Where the air is crisp and clean. Filled with the spiritual anticipation and warmth of Christian fellowship in a pristine palatial setting. Where the Services meeting location is uniquely nestled within a secluded mountain clearing adjacent to the gentle Deschutes River which flows only steps away from the back deck of the meeting facility. This meeting facility is Sunriver's own Thousand Trails Resort meeting and camping facility.













Where the air is cool and nippy and the sweet aroma of wood burning smoke is in the air. Where once within this meeting facility, folks are immediately put as ease. Making new friends and uplifting fellowship is so easy. During each annual Feast of Tabernacles, everyone enjoys a casual lodge atmosphere graced with a large stone fireplace that glows with crackling warmth during frosty morning making for an intimate comfortable family environment. Where Folks gather around the fireplace before services with hot coffee, tea or coco and breakfast finger foods. Where the meeting hall has a huge vaulted beamed ceiling and three entire sides of floor to ceiling windows enabling the beautiful outdoor view of our Father's majestic mountain creation to stream through the windows and surround and envelop all who attend the activities within. Where the meeting facility has a fully equipped kitchen which makes for some of the most scrumptious Festival luncheon meals served daily after services. Where the grounds surrounding the facility invite  family walks along the walking trails alongside the Deschutes River only yards from the meeting facility, before or after services.                       

W O R S H I P  &  F E L L O W S H I P

For over 31 years,

The Sunriver-Bend Oregon Thousand Trails Feast site has been a refreshing host to Brethren from many different congregations across the country who share one hope and desire; to worship the Father, recharge spiritually, fellowship and celebrate God's Feast of Tabernacles before HIM on a common ground of peace and harmony. Extolling the Father, offering prayer and magnifying HIS Word through sermons and fellowship all edify the body. Musically adoring God and Christ through special music is equally motivating. Blessing of little children, baptisms, marriages, kids and adult classes, community projects, special studies, food preparation and daily luncheons, talent nights and kids special music and plays all contribute a sweet savor for the Lord! Not to forget anointings, ushering and everything in between allows Brethren to find themselves caught up and immersed in the spirit of submission to Christ's leadership and one another - just as it will be at that time when Christ reigns on the earth supreme. It will be an unimaginable time when peace will commence and all men will know HIM.


Brethren have been coming back, Feast and after Feast for over 30+ successful years. It's gotta be the 'Sunriver Festival Experience!

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Biblical Annual Feast of Tabernacles - Thousand Trails - Sunriver-Bend, Oregon 

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Thousand Trails Feast of Tabernacles